Deana - #ineedjesus2018

"I am so proud and blessed to know the ladies that have started R.E.S.T Ministry! Last year I was going through a lot; depression was hitting me hard. I felt like I was alone even though I had friends who periodically checked in with me. I felt like God wasn't hearing my prayers; for women whom I could become friends with who could help me come closer to him and hold me in his word during times like what I was going through. So one of my close friends Shanna told me, "You are going away this weekend. I have found someone to watch the kids. This is not a question on if you want to, you need it! I promise you will enjoy it and there are so many things we have planned for this weekend to bring you closer to God and other women." At that moment I could see God's hand in the mix and knew I had to be there. Nervous but excited I went to their first retreat. I met amazing women who were going through things like me on different levels of my life and I didn't think anyone could understand what my heart was aching for. During the weekend retreat I had quiet alone time with God, worship, prayer time and activities to help us see and understand that sometimes we need to be still and hear God and allow him to work. I came home from the retreat renewed and ready in my faith to push to be stronger in my faith and allowing God to show me things and do less on my own as well as new friends that he put in my life to help me through the rougher road I was about to embark on. I am so grateful and blessed to have been a part of such an amazing ministry that is so selfless and encouraging! I can't wait for this year's retreat!"

Melissa - #ineedjesus2018

"I'm so thankful I participated in the retreat last year. It couldn't have come at a better time in my life. The ladies spoke truth into me and reminded me who I am in Jesus. I left filled with hope and ready to face the trials that would come my way in the coming months."

Pam - #ineedjesus2018

"I was invited by the ladies that I workout with and its been awhile since I had a ladies outing so I jumped on the chance. That weekend turned out to be one of the best outings I have had in a long time. We laughed, ate, cried, hugged and loved on each other. I left that weekend feeling that no matter what I know that if I ever need anything they are there for me."

Joya - #ineedjesus2018

"#ineedjesus2018 was literally life saving for me. No one knew coming into the event that I had been dealing with a secret. This secret shrouded me in shame and guilt. My two best friends who attended the retreat didn't know. My worship was off. This retreat helped me see that. The Real Me was insightful. How does God really see me? God used these women from a different church to speak life back into me. God used them to remind me that I am amazing, strong, courageous, uplifted....and here's where the breakthrough happened, someone wrote "honest". The use of the word in the note to be wasn't speaking to my character, but God opened my eyes to the blow to my character. These ladies prayed for me and each other in a way that God's presence was felt. God broke that stronghold. I was then strong enough and courageous enough to repent and kick my adversary in the teeth. I can feel the redemptive power of Jesus whom I need daily. I look forward to this next retreat. Women from differing levels of spiritual growth coming together is exciting and a time of edification. We are part of one body that has Jesus at the head. I'm thankful for this ministry and love these women."

Jamie - #ineedjesus2018

"This retreat was so, so good for my soul! It was a time to reflect on how much we need Jesus in our lives. Through this experience I learned to rest in who He says I am! Forgiven, loved, cherished, welcome...just to name a few. My relationship with not only God, but some pretty amazing women was blessed. 

The activities and worship were highlight to the weekend. You could tell that God’s hand was in everything that Shanna and Christina put together, along with so much love.

It is a joy to see Equipt Ministries grow into what it is today and I just know God will use this ministry to heal broken women and to bring people to the Lord! 

I pray for your ministry often, thank you for following Gods calling. Through you He will do mighty things."



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